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You can now view many shareholder communications online through a new electronic delivery service ("eDelivery").  

With eDelivery, you will receive email messages whenever a fund prospectus, annual report(s) or proxy statement(s) for positions you hold become available. You can view and print these materials at your convenience.  

You will continue to receive hard copies of all shareholder communications that are not made available for online view by the issuer.  

To enroll, please complete the form on the right. For details regarding the eDelivery service, see the description below under "How eDelivery Works."  

Please note that beginning in late August, eDelivery of Shareholder Communications will only be available directly through Morgan Stanley Online. Simply follow this link to enroll in eDelivery of your documents.  

If you are not registered for Morgan Stanley Online, Click here, and then once on the site, select Create a username. Click here for instructions on how to register or call 1-888-454-3965 to speak with a representative for assistance.

If you need assistance, please call the Client Service Center at 1 (888) 454-3965 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to speak with a Client Service Representative. If you are outside the United States, you can call collect at 1 (801) 617-9150. If you have questions about your account, please contact your Financial Advisor or Private Wealth Advisor.  

Election Form

You must complete and submit the form below to elect this electronic delivery service.
Note that you are required to enter some numbers twice for confirmation purposes.

1. Enter your Morgan Stanley Account Number
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2. Re-enter the same account number
3. Enter your email address
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5. Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number
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8. Click "Submit"  

This edelivery service is only for receipt of shareholder news. Statements and confirm cannot be suppressed through this site.

Terms and Conditions  Privacy Policy

How eDelivery Works

When you elect this service, you agree to receive email notices when issuing corporations, mutual funds and other third parties issue shareholder communications. These notices will give you links to Internet addresses where you can view (and print) quarterly and annual reports, proxy statements, newsletters and similar items. 

To receive automatic email notification, you must have a security position in the underlying equity or mutual fund as of the record date when any specific document is published.

If shareholder materials are not issued electronically, you will receive hard copy versions as before. If you request a hard copy of a document available to you electronically, there may be a discretionary delivery fee for the extra copy.  

The content of all shareholder communications is the responsibility of the issuing corporation, mutual fund or other outside party. If your securities are not held by a financial institution, neither the broker dealer nor the bank holding your securities is responsible for the information any electronic shareholder document may contain.   

EMail Specifics

Your email notification election will be effective for all holdings in your account, on an ongoing basis, unless you decide to change it. 

You can update contact information such as your email account or Personal Identification Number (PIN), or you may cancel your participation, by linking to

If we are unable to deliver an email notification because your email address is full, rejects our notification, or stops working for any other reason, your participation in this electronic delivery service will be suspended.

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