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Electronic Delivery
Broadridge is pleased to offer the convenience of electronic delivery of annual reports, interim statements and proxy statements -- even vote online. With your consent and at no cost to you, we can notify you by e-mail when these materials become available on the Internet.

With electronic delivery you will enjoy the following:


Immediate availability of important shareholder communications

Less mail to fill your mailbox

Better for the environment

Automatic postal mail forwarding if you change your e-mail address and fail to notify us

It's free and your choice to opt-in or opt-out at any time

Your e-mail address is safe and will never be used without your consent (read our Privacy Policy)

To get started, click on the first letter of your Broker/Financial Institution's Name
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Get Started

You can benefit from electronic delivery if you hold your investments with a Broker/Financial institution and they are participating in this service. You will also need an e-mail address.

If you meet these requirements, you can give your consent for electronic delivery immediately. Keep in mind, without your consent the option of electronic delivery and its benefits will not be available to you.

While you can change your consent for electronic delivery at any time, we are confident that you will find this option the most efficient and effective way to receive important investment information.