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Davenport & Company ("Davenport") is pleased to offer the convenience of online viewing of shareholder communications, including fund prospectuses, annual reports, proxy statements, and voluntary corporate actions.

Once you enroll, you will be notified by e-mail when these communications become available on the Internet. Printed copies may be requested through your Davenport Investment Executive. Documents that are not available on the Internet will be sent to you by mail.

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Description of Service
By enrolling in this electronic delivery service, you agree to receive announcements via e-mail about shareholder communications materials. Those materials are made available electronically by issuing corporations, mutual funds, and other third parties. Quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports; proxy statements; prospectuses; newsletters, and voluntary corporate actions are examples of shareholder communications that may be made available online. The announcements will include the Internet address (URL) where the materials can be found. Materials referenced within the e-mail announcement may be viewed electronically via the Internet and printed with a local printer. If the materials are not made available electronically, you will receive the standard printed materials and no announcement will be made by e-mail.

Your enrollment will be effective for all holdings in the specified account on an ongoing basis unless you change or cancel your enrollment.

If you have a security position in an equity or mutual fund as of the record date for a particular shareholder distribution and the materials to be distributed are made available electronically, you will receive an e-mail announcement. The content of the information provided for electronic delivery is the responsibility of the issuing corporation, mutual fund, or third party who is presenting it. Davenport is not responsible for content of electronic shareowner material.

Failure of E-Mail Address
If your e-mail address proves to be invalid during a distribution, your enrollment in this electronic delivery service will be cancelled. You will receive a hard-copy notification of the announcement. This notification will provide the URL to the electronic material, and will contain instructions to visit to re-enroll.

Option to Receive Hard Copy
If you would like to receive a printed set of shareowner material for a particular security in addition to your e-mail notification after enrollment in this electronic delivery service, you may request hard copy delivery from your broker or directly from the issuing corporation or mutual fund. The broker, issuing corporation or mutual fund may, at their discretion, impose a fee to receive the printed materials in addition to the electronic materials.

To Update Your Information or Cancel Enrollment
By visiting and entering your unique enrollment number, you may update your contact information such as e-mail address or personal identification number (PIN), or you may cancel your participation in electronic delivery by selecting the cancellation option. If you change your E-mail address after your initial enrollment, it is your responsibility to visit to update your address or contact your Davenport Investment Executive to make the change. Davenport cannot be responsible for non-receipt of Shareholder Communications due to an incorrect E-mail address.

Hardware and Software Required to Use Service
Enrollment in this electronic delivery service requires that you have an internet connection with appropriate browser software, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or their Edge browser, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari or equivalent as well as e-mail software. If you are charged for internet service, Davenport will not be responsible for the costs associated with electronic access; these costs are the sole responsibility of the shareowner. If you wish to print materials that have been delivered electronically, you must have a printer as well. Some issuers publish their materials electronically in Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to view PDF-formatted documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software. This reader is available for download, free-of-charge, from

Frequently Asked Questions about e-Proxy Delivery Service

How can I Elect to Receive Proxies Electronically?
You can elect to receive shareholder communications notifications electronically via e-mail by visiting Davenport's website, and clicking e-Consent Shareholder Communications on the home page. Next, simply complete the online form and click Submit. You will receive a Thank You e-mail acknowledging receipt of your enrollment request. Once our vendor verifies the enrollment process, you will receive a Confirmation e-mail with a PIN number. Please remember that if you have your e-mail set to delete SPAM, this could create a problem in receiving incoming e-mails. To ensure delivery, simply update your e-mail address list with the sender address which will be

If I change my e-mail address and do not perform Enrollment Maintenance as described above, what will take place?
In the event that you change your e-mail address and the vendor attempts to send a shareholder communication to your old e-mail address, you will receive a hard copy letter through the mail stating that your e-mail address failed.This letter will stand as your notification. You will receive hard copies of Notice & Access proxies in the future unless you re-enroll with your new e-mail address.

I received a "Notice & Access" proxy notification that is not a votable ballot:
      How do I request a hard copy proxy ballot;
      How can I vote my proxy; and
      Why am I receiving a "Notice & Access" ballot rather than a ballot I can complete and mail for my vote to be tabulated?

The Securities and Exchange Commission has adopted a rule known as the SEC Notice & Access or "e-proxy" rule, which is intended to provide issuers with the opportunity to leverage technology and reduce costs associated with the shareholder meeting process. The rule allows issuers to mail a "Notice" of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials to shareholders instead of a traditional proxy package that includes all the hard copy materials. The Notice will direct the holder to a website where the material can be viewed and shares voted electronically (please click here to view a sample of the notice). Upon receipt of this notice, owners can:
       1.  Go to After entering the Control Number for the issue, you will be forwarded to another screen where you can request that paper copies be mailed to you.
       2.  Vote by phone and/or request paper materials at 1-800-579-1639.
       3.  E-mail: to request a copy of the material.

Note: In all cases, you will need your Control Number(s) for the issues/securities.

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