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Artisan is pleased to offer electronic delivery (E-Delivery) for Fund communications. With E-Delivery you will receive announcements for all available Artisan Funds documents, including, but not limited to, prospectus updates and financial reports, via email. All direct accounts associated with the Social Security Number/TIN that is entered will be enrolled for this service.

Complete all four steps to enroll.
1. Enter your Social Security Number/TIN (omit dashes)
2. Re-enter your Social Security Number/TIN (omit dashes)
3. Enter your email address
4. Re-enter your email address
Artisan Shareholder Through a Third Party? (i.e. Charles Schwab)

You are consenting to receive all communications, including, but not limited to, prospectuses, supplements to prospectuses, annual and semi-annual reports, privacy statements, quarterly reports, proxy statements and special news announcements via electronic delivery. All Artisan Funds accounts (held directly with Artisan Funds) associated with your Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number entered will automatically be enrolled for this service. As materials become available, we will send you an email notification containing the Internet address (URL) where the materials can be viewed and printed.

If you wish to take advantage of E-Delivery you must have an email account, access to an Internet browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader® (Acrobat® software is available for download free of charge at www.adobe.com). If you wish to print documents, you must also have access to a printer.

Although we currently intend to continue sending paper account statements, confirmations and tax statements by mail for some period, this consent includes such items and any other Artisan Funds communications made available in the future. If we start delivering those items electronically, we will deliver yours electronically without any need for further action by you.

Please note that although there is no charge for this service, you may incur costs associated with electronic access to the documents, such as usage charges from Internet access providers and telephone companies.

If, after enrollment in E-Delivery, you would like to receive a copy of any communication, in addition to your email notification, please call us at 800.344.1770, write to us at Artisan Funds, P.O. Box 8412, Boston, MA 02266-8412, or order the communication online by clicking here.

Enrollment in E-Delivery has no expiration date. You may update or cancel your enrollment at any time by clicking on the Update Email or Cancel E-Delivery links above and following the instructions, calling 800.344.1770 or writing to us at Artisan Funds, P.O. Box 8412, Boston, MA 02266-8412.

Artisan Funds considers customer privacy to be a fundamental aspect of our relationship with shareholders.

The E-Delivery service is provided by Broadridge, who acts on our behalf and is contractually obligated to keep the information that we provide to them confidential and to use that information only to provide the services that we have asked them to perform. Broadridge maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard your nonpublic personal information. For more information on Broadridge's privacy policy, please see their Privacy Notice.

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